In2ne Site Updates: Brand New Musician Press Kits, Fan Access

In2ne, a site for live musicians, music venue managers, and music fans, has released a new version of their site featuring a host of powerful upgrades.  Many elements of the In2ne site have been overhauled, giving musicians and music venues greatly improved tools to fuel their success in the industry.

The site boasts a brand new home page, complete with featured artists and a streamlined interface.  The most significant upgrades relate to the improved musician press kits – a new format gives fans and booking agents everything they’re looking for in an easy-to-navigate format, with large, high-quality photos and quick-loading demo tracks and videos.  Musicians will be proud to show off their profile, easy to share on Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button.

In2ne’s messaging functionality has also received a major upgrade.  Now musicians and venue managers can communicate easier than ever, with a familiar conversation-style format for quick messages or thorough reviews.

Finally, In2ne has added fan access to its touted musician and venue network.  Fans can now join In2ne and follow their favorite artists, as well as explore new musicians and venues in their area.  This gives musicians and venue owners a great opportunity to market themselves to a local and national audience, and allows for crucial two-way communication between bands and their fans.

Head over to and check out the brand new site today!

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