Press Release: In2ne Launches With Band & Venue Listings, Free Online Gig Booking, a San Diego-based startup dedicated to improving the live music community through online social networking, gig booking and live music services, is now officially live.

March 27, 2012 — In2ne, a highly-anticipated social network and services site for live entertainers has officially launched.

For musicians, locating and booking live shows can be a frustrating challenge. Every day, venues are flooded with piles of uninspiring press kits and demos, but struggle to find great bands to sell out shows. Even after gigs are booked, musicians and venues are faced with scheduling, negotiating compensation and selling tickets. This leaves little time and energy for the part that musicians and venues do best: putting on great performances. The creators of In2ne have solved these problems with a simple and intuitive online system for networking and booking gigs.

In2ne is a community of musicians, music venues, promoters and booking agents. Joining In2ne instantly puts users in touch with their local live music community. The site allows users to connect with others directly, post requests to community bulletin boards, write reviews for past experiences and more. In2ne offers free, custom online press kit creation, complete with photo galleries, song demos and detailed bios. Venues and booking agents can attract the bands they want with detailed venue and gig profiles. In2ne also offers a streamlined, online gig booking system, taking the headache out of applying for — and fielding applications for — live shows.

Beta testers of In2ne have been impressed with its convenience and power. Brandon Barlow explains:

“The site is very easy to use, and the press kit feature is great! In2ne is a great way to connect with bands and venues around the country.”

To find out more about In2ne, visit


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